Our Shape Wear, Fitted Tank Top Holster is officially on the market.
We listened to what you needed.
Tired of belly bands that roll up, are hot and uncomfortable?
This revolutionary Tank Top is so versatile, you will never want to take it off. 
Comfortable enough to wear all day, you will feel more confident as you carry.  No more under arm bruises.  Wear it with anything, leggings, sweat pants, or jeans.
Some of the Features:
These are Only a few of the most requested features that make our product so versatile
Shape Wear Material
The last thing we want as women, is to add more "bulk" around the middle.  This shaper wear material "holds" us in, in all the right places yet allows our skin to "breathe" without the added heat. 
(Compression material)
Gripping Material

The inside of the holster pocket is lined with a gripping material that assists in keeping the weapon in place.
Ambidextrous Draw

Flexible for Left or Right Handed Draw.
Extra Magazine Pockets

Be fully prepared with a Spare Magazine Pocket on each side.
Weapon Retention Straps

Straps have velcro on each end, to help secure the weapon in the pocket. They are removable to give you the option of using them or not. 
Versatile with different clothes

Our biggest request was to be able to wear it with many different types of pants or skirts.  No more bands that move all over.
Pocket Dimensions:
Width at bottom of pocket- 5"
Height of pocket- 5-3/4"
Opening for barrel-2"

This product is designed for concealed carry and should be compatible with most sub-compact pistols and snub nosed revolvers.  This product may not be compatible with certain handguns, especially those with lasers or tactical lights attached to the rail or trigger guard.  The use of most red-dot sights should not impact the use of this product. 
If for any reason you receive this product and are not able to use it with your weapon, please return it for a full unconditional refund, within 30 days. 
Put on your FULL ARMOR of GOD... Eph 6:10-18
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